A tech company in Rwanda, Yego Innovations Limited has launched YEGO Cab, a new taxi service where clients will get instant cabs by calling a toll-free number.

The service which was launched on Thursday, September 27 will require their cab drivers to use Intelligent Connected Fare Meters, ICFM, to calculate the cost per ride. Those who need the services of a taxi-cab will have to call 9191 and a taxi will be at their doorsteps within 5 minutes. After the call, an SMS will be sent to the passenger that carries the driver’s name, phone number and license.

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How it works

YEGO Cab charge customers 500 Rwandan Franc, an equivalent of $1.7 automatically for the first kilometer. The same amount is added for every additional kilometer made. The ICFM also indicates the location, distance traveled, speed, identity card of customer (maybe required by the authorities) as well as the money.

The electronic meter is fully controlled online so that the transport regulatory bodies (Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency, RURA), the police and Yego Innovation Ltd can monitor.

In the case where the client is stranded or doesn’t have enough cash or mobile money balance, “you can simply ask a friend or family member to pay, even when they are far away”, Pophia Muhoza, the company’s operations manager. In this case, you have to give your details like ID number and the amount you have to pay to the person.

Drivers could have loans without collaterals

According to Muhoza, the Yego Cab technology will also give access to cab-drivers to get loans without collaterals. “This new technology in taxi-cabs comes to solve challenges including letdown to access bank loans by drivers, haggling, overcharging customers and accidents,” she said. The driver’s daily income, which is registered by ICFM is used as the basis for getting a loan.

Cashless payment

Passengers don’t need to carry cash as they can pay using mobile money or the Yego-Ride-Tap-Pay. More than 665 taxi owners, 850 drivers and 727 cabs have already been registered.

The new technology is expected to reduce waiting time and increase the number of trips by passengers. “It is expected that the new ICFM technology will increase the number of trips by 30%, reduce waiting time and ease access to service for the passenger,” explained Engineer Asaba Emmanuel, Head of Public Transport Department at Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA).

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Source(s): KT Press