Wallyscar is a Tunisian car manufacturing company that was founded in 2006 by Zied Guiga and Omar Guiga. The company produces 600 units of the car per year and sells to France , Qatar, Panama and Morocco.

Wallyscar Iris

As of today, Wallyscar has two models, Wallys Iris and Wallys Izis which was the first model (October 19, 2008). Their part suppliers include Peugeot, Citroën, UTAC and VDO.

Izis is available in more than 100 finishes and customers may choose various accessories from steering wheels , built-in appliances and interior trim. Wallys Iris has a PSA Powertrain EB2 engine which has reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Production of Izis ended in 2014 and was available only in Tunisia, France, Morocco and Panama. The Izis was awarded 2 stars in the European New Car Assessment Programme, Euro NCAP.

Wallyscar Izis Image Credit: Wikiwand

Wallyscar in March 2017 began the commercialization of Iris which sold at about 12600 euro. This comes to add to three other African automobile manufacturing companies:

  • Uganda’s Kiira Motors Corporation that was originally developed by students of the Makerere University manufactures hybrid electric vehicles called Kiira EV SMACK. The 5-seat Sedan is powered by rechargeable battery and designed for the region’s local terrain and making it affordable to the local consumer.
  • Ghana’s Kantanka Automobile Company which assembles SUVs and pickup trucks was founded by Apostle Safo.
  • Nigeria’s Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, the bus and truck manufacturing company which has now launched a passenger car line that manufactures Sports Utility Vehicles (IVM 6490A) and truck (IVM 1021A).

Wallys has produced more than 2200 cars since it was created by the Guiga brothers. The brand was named after the island of Wallis and Futuna were the idea was born after a meeting with René Boesch, a former car manufacturer.

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In an interview with CNN’s Market Place Africa, Zeid said they have investment opportunities to start micro-plants in other African countries. He cited Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroon. He said their goal is to make 3000 cars in the next few years as well as making the company a regional brand.

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