It is the beginning of another school year. It is the time when parents and guardians are sending their children back to school. The uniform, the books, shoes, etc are a talk of the day. Did you ever know that there are other parents or guardians sickle-cell anemia warriors do more than just prepare their kids for back-to-school?

Indeed they do. I am talking here of parents and guardians of Sickle-cell Warriors. They do more than just buy the necessary things for school. They have the needs as well as the health needs of their warrior children to take care off.

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Warrior kids have to battle daily for their lives. Their life is far different from what normal children do. Even though you find them struggling to live a normal life, deep within them is pain, seizures, drugs, hospital, pharmacy all the time.

How do they cope with all these? What do parents and guardians of these warriors do to make sure their extra back-to-school needs, their health, is fulfilled? Arrey Echi, a warrior and advocate for Sickle-cell Anemia Warriors have some tips for them in her latest blog post, Here Are Some Points To Note When Preparing Your Warrior for Back to School. It’s worth the read and will help someone out there. Don’t forget to share with others, you may help a warrior or warrior parent / guardian.