Rwanda maybe planning to put in place a made in Rwanda day as a one-day training was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to school journalists on the recent ‘Made in Rwanda’ policy, reports KT Press. The aim of the training discuss the role the media can play to promote locally made products.

According to the Trade and Industry minister, Munyeshaka, the Made  in Rwanda policy could one day be possible in the future. He said, “We are working on a proposal to have monthly Made in Rwanda Day for all Rwandans to wear/consume made in Rwanda products!!” The policy will help in the promotion and development of the domestic market as well as bring about competitiveness in the Rwandan economy.

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More than a decade ago, the Ghanaian government encouraged it citizens to put on traditional clothes at least once a week. The idea, according to officials, was to promote ‘Made in Ghana’ products and a show of cultural pride. In November 2004, the government of Ghana launched the ‘National Friday Wear Program’, initiated by Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Price could be a limitation as Rwanda’s manufacturing industry, though growing, is still not competitive enough. Senate President, Bernard Makuza, is one of Rwanda’s top officials who usually puts on locally made clothes. According to him, “Dressing in Rwandan products is a good idea but prices are extremely high. I think this can be made affordable by exemption of taxes on imports on Kitenge raw material and local manufacturers need to be realistic while fixing a selling price.” Rwandans are calling for those holding top positions in the country to lead by example.

The initiative may help boost Rwanda’s local industry as more locally made products will be consumed. The policy will increase economic competitiveness as it will enhance the country’s domestic market through value chain development.

Source(s): KT Press