Managing relocation within big cities in Cameroon has been a daunting task for inhabitants. Relocating is one of the biggest challenge in these big cities. The sector in Cameroon is disorganized and mainly carried out by individuals in the informal sector. Online relocation service before now was non-existent.

With the rapid urbanization, more people are moving into the cities as well as the growth in economic activities warrants people to relocate their homes and office to the cheap newly constructed areas. No matter the size of what you have to transfer, relocating is a stressful undertaking when it is left in the hands of such unprofessional actors whom you cannot count on for the safety of your stuffs. There is therefore the need for mobility professionals to come in to reduce the stress on those planning to move.

Easy Moov is the first of its kind in Cameroon to provide online relocation service. It is the second startup by Asaba Fualefac, a young entrepreneur in Cameroon who is also founder of Easy Rent. Easy Moov is aimed at “simplifying the process of transferring from one home or office to another”. The founder saw the need to reduce the cost of relocating by offering the first high standard and professional online relocation service in Cameroon.

The startup will not only help those relocating to carry their furniture, equipment and heavy boxes, but can handle everything from packing to unpacking. Most of those carrying out such a services in Cameroon only load, transport and unload leaving the owner to be the one to unpack and install.

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Easy Moov will offer services from packing and packaging, loading, transporting, unloading, lifting, unpacking, installing, cleaning and interior design. As the cities in Cameroon are experiencing growth in all facets, there is a great need for professional relocation services to reduce the burden of those who want to change the location of their office or home. Sourcing for such professional services is a great challenge.

The online relocation service by Easy Moov also offer its clients the possibility of getting an instant estimated cost for moving their belongings. The client enters details of what they want to move and they will get their estimates sent to them. They also offer cleaning, fumigation, minor installations and interior design services to their clients. For now, Easy Moov covers only Douala and Yaounde with movements within and out of the city (anywhere in Cameroon).

There are many transport and logistic tech startups emerging in Africa to ease the process of movement within big cities. Easy Moov is the first of its kind in Cameroon. Startups in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe have all launched startups in this industry.

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