If you are planning a vacation to Africa and still confused which place you want to go don’t look any further. Kenya has so many places to offer you from great endless rift valley running from North to South with stair-look-like escarpments, the rivers, falls and lakes inside the great rift valley, hills and sky pointing mountains in the middle of the savannas.

Explore stunning verdant scenery

Kenya has stunning sceneries which once you have the experience of exploring them it will never be erased from your memory. From the elegant Diani beach found in the coastal region of Kenya, Mida creek located at Malindi-Watamu coastline, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary 3KMs from Kisumu Town, Mahali Mzuri camp which translates to “a good place” located within Masai Mara environs, Lamu island and so much more. Diani beach will provide you with the cool and peace of mind environment which will help you to relax and refresh your mind from a tiresome period of work.


Diani beach

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Picturesque villages


Pink Flamingoes – Lake Nakuru

Kenya is a developing economy yet has made a tremendous step in terms of its architecture, blended with a rich culture from over 42 tribes. Visit Ollaro lodge, Loita hills to experience the local beauty and picturesque landscape with one of Kenya’s most beautiful lodge. You are sure to interact with the culture of Masai who are well known in the world as one of the few African tribes to preserve their culture even after the colonization.

You can also visit Nakuru city to meet the flamingos on the shores of Lake Nakuru which gives you memories that will live with you forever. As you travel across the country you will be amazed by the infrastructure setting from the breath-taking view of the city of Nairobi to Elegant Mombasa City located onshore the Indian Ocean.

Rushing rivers


Boy Jumps into the Gura River
Photo Credit: William Ruthi (Daily Nation)

Rivers are the most ancient traditional source of water for the local population. Kenya is blessed with many rivers that don’t serve only as a source of water, but also as prominent recreational facilities. Take a stop at the fastest river in Africa, Gura river located in Outskirt of Nyeri town Kaheti village. You can also visit the Thompson falls which is known as the seven falls because it splits into seven channels just before the fall. The chebloch gorge located 12 km from kabarnet town using Kabarnet-Eldoret road is worth a visit as local divers will amuse you with their bravery diving through the walls of the rocks. You can experience the river view at viewpoints to be shocked by some rivers that look like they are moving against the terrain, the Kerio-valley viewpoint is a must visit located 30km from the Chebloch gorge.

Rolling grassland

Kenya - Savannah

Masai Mara Savannah

The widespread picturesque Savannah in Kenya makes it the home for you next adventure. Masai Mara will entice you with endless grassland spiced up with the animal and bird watching. Meet the local tour guide who will spice up your taste for adventure with their unique accent. You will see live the natural habitat and feel real atmosphere you were privileged to watch only on TV.

A paradise for wildlife

Kenya - Safari Tours

Safari tours – Masai Mara

Kenya has a rich wildlife with varied animals that is worthy to add in your adventure. Safaris will provide you with an opportunity to take a look at the most beautiful ecosystem of Kenya’s big five – the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo. Safaris provide you with an opportunity to visit many national parks with each having its own unique experience.

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You have the possibility of knowing the different cultures from various parts of the country with the safari tour guides. Discover the fast-paced people in Nairobi to the slow-paced people in Mombasa where the phrase “there is no hurry in Africa” originates. Enjoy delicious local dishes from Mbuta “Nile perch” at lakeshore of Victoria, Mursik “sour milk” at lake Baringo rift valley to Wali “rice” at Mombasa.

Kenya, a land of beautiful hills and stunning valleys

KenyaHiking and trekking improves your physical fitness and Kenya is blessed with so many natural facilities for such. There are many hills can be accessed by vehicles. You need to book an appointment if you plan to visit the Ngong hills as a foreigner since it is only 1hour 35 min drive from Nairobi city. The journey starts at 1961m and ends at 2460m height above sea level. A 4-5 hours’ journey depending on your physical fitness. Also, you can visit chyulu hills located between Amboseli and Tsavo national park where you will discover the longest lava tube in the world, a 2 to 3 hours walk to the mouth.

Exotic hiking mountains


Mount Longonot

Kenya offers you over 20 mountains that are worth exploring. Mountain climbing is one of the most prestigious activity that attracts tourists. These mountains offer you the perfect environment and breath-taking scenery you will never forget. Even if you are not a professional mountain climber you can have the experience of climbing less steep mountains such as mount Longonot which is located 25 kilometers from Naivasha Town. You will be marveled by the footprints which lead you to the top of the mountain. Also, you will experience animal watch as most of the herbivores graze around the mountains during dry seasons. You just need a good attire for mountain climbing. Highly trained and experience tour guides are always available to give you assistance.

There is so much about Africa in Kenya alone. You can discover so much about the rich cultures of Africa just by adding Kenya into your checklist for your next safari tour. Don’t forget Kenya is one of the few places in the world that experience Summer all throughout the year except for July.

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