Africa is blessed with the most beautiful landscapes you can find in the world. It may not be seen as the most beautiful tourists destination because of it’s underdeveloped tourist industries, but it still stands out as having the best tourist locations you can find around the world.

Best tourist locations in Cameroon

Limbe – Cameroon
Source: Wikiwand

The stunning diversity of it’s landscape makes it one of the most visited continents in the world, not only for vacation, but for scientific research and business. Be it the amazing grassland views spotted in East Africa, the frosty peak of the Kilimanjaro, the rich equatorial rain forest, home to large mammals and reptiles, ocean coastline surrounding every edge of Africa, mountains and hills dotted all over the continent or the spanning savanna landscape with its huge number of mammals and plants.

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When you talk of tourism in Africa, people’s mind turn towards the Eastern and Southern Africa with its myriad landscapes and the frost white summits of the Kilimanjaro mountain. The Central African Region with Cameroon, “Africa in Miniature”, rarely comes to their mind. This is something tourists are missing out in these region blessed with every other landscape that you can find in Africa. In fact, you can find almost everything in Africa in the small West/Central African country of Cameroon.

I know the regions tourism sector is not well developed, but there is no denying that you can get the best of Africa from these region. The challenges you will face as a tourist will be part of why you should visit. I will be taking you on a tour of some of the best tourist locations in the Central Africa Region where you will meet generous people with welcoming hearts.