An estimated more than 200 exhibitors from from 16 countries in the world will be participating in the upcoming 2018 Lagos International Trade Fair. This information was revealed by the Chairman, Trade Promotion Board, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Gabriel Idahosa. This year’s event will start on Friday 2 – 11 November, 2018 in the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lagos International Trade Fair is the largest trade fair in Nigeria organized by the Lagos Chamber or Commerce and Industry. The fair which has as main objective to promote the revitalization and diversification of the Nigerian economy is expecting about 500,000 visitors and an average of 2000 exhibitors in and out of Nigeria. This includes investors, businessmen, government officials and customers.

According to Mr Gabriel Idahosa, exhibitors are expected from Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Ghana, Turkey, Jordan, Cameroon, Pakistan, Singapore and Kenya. He said countries like Benin, Jamaica, South Africa and the European Union have also indicated their interest in taking part at the fair.

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The LITF is expected to give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and showcase their products for maximum exposure,” he said.

This year’s event will be void of public address systems and music. The organizers plan to reduce the noise pollution in the trade fair ground.

We have taken time to educate our exhibitors on how noise pollution is injurious to our health… Also, we have been enlightening our exhibitors on alternative ways of marketing, and we believe that they will embrace these methods,” Idahosa said.

Those who are interested in participating at the 2018 Lagos International Trade Fair can book for stands online.

The first edition of the Lagos International Trade Fair took place in 1981. The even is held on the first Friday of November yearly. The organization of the event was handed over to the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1986. Since then, the event has taken place annually. The 10 day fair exhibits the potentials and business opportunities that exist in Nigeria. It provides an opportunity for exhibitors to make public their services, products, inventions and innovations from within and without Nigeria.

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